Turkish Immersion Club

Immersion is the most effective way to learn a foreign language. Join the most active Turkish Immersion Club in the world today.

What is it?

Turkish Immersion Club is your daily opportunity to practice your Turkish-speaking skills. With daily speaking sessions, it is the most active Turkish Immersion Club in the world.

We are here to keep you engaged with the language and create a community.

What do you get?

Turkish Immersion club will help you with:

  1. Practice Turkish Everyday
    We have practice lessons everyday. Join as many as you like, talk with native speakers and other students.
  2. Receive Turkish news and stories
    Receive weekly Turkish Stories and Turkish news handpicked for novice Turkish learners.
  3. Join Turkish Social activities
    We plan social activities every month and keep our community engaged in Turkish social and cultural life.

Join Turkish Immersion Club!